Helping children thrive: body, mind and soul.

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Our Vision

Wesley Chapel Mission Center is a guiding light and a trusted, loving, safe haven that empowers families in Over-the-Rhine, through their children, to demonstrate Christ-like decisions and behaviors that will transform the community.

Our Mission

We serve the Over-the-Rhine community through spiritual nourishment and love, educational programs, and social/moral development to empower children and families to make sound and moral decisions, to grow spiritually and to progress educationally.

Our History

Wesley Chapel Mission Center is an extension ministry of the United Methodist Church created from the assets, resources, efforts, dreams, and love of the members of the former Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church. In 2003, the Center was established as a non-profit 501(c)(3) to provide an after-school program for the children in the neighborhood.

Wesley Chapel Mission Center lives out the legacy of the church, which was a servant church started in Cincinnati in 1802. It continues the practice of loving Jesus and serving others in our Over-the-Rhine community of Cincinnati.

Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report is available online. Download it to learn more about us!